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Sales evaluation advice for your business

When one invested oneself during years, to yield its company or its goodwills is not a easy matter to achieve, the emotional load can be strong. Nevertheless, these are very factual and rational elements that it will be necessary for you to present to the transferees: it is thus important good to prepare there!
Sales evaluation advice for your business

“How much is my company worth? ” That it is a question of passing the hand for a well deserved retirement, or of rebounding elsewhere, to evaluate its own business can prove to be a true dilemma. Too much expensive? Not enough? At one time when the economic activity seems seized up, the obsession to see its trade leaving at low cost can weigh you. Then not of panic, here some advices to apprehend this stage peacefully, and to develop your activity as well as possible.

Initially, called upon a professional of the transmission, like a real advisor specialized trade and undertaken CAPIFRANCE. Thanks to him, you will profit from an impartial eye to judge qualities and optimizations to be brought to your business, its forces and its weaknesses, as well as possible to develop it vis-a-vis the potential rescuers.

Several criteria are to be taken into account, starting with (Re) becoming acquainted with your branch of industry and the market situation.

If you leave to the retirement, is your activity always attracting with the eyes of young entrepreneurs? The Chamber of commerce and of the Trades, or your trade union, can inform you on the prospects for the local market: as many arguments to put forward at the time to negotiate.

A good method to evaluate its business and to put itself in the head of the future purchaser: if you yield your trade, consult the topic “our advices for the resumption of goodwills”!

At all events, you will need an external opinion, because it is always difficult to judge oneself. Then if you have a plan of sale of your company or transfer of goodwills, get in touch with one of our real advisors specialized trade and undertaken CAPIFRANCE!

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